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Torchit- Next 5 years Plans

Torchit- Next 5 years Plans

The World report on disability (WRD) has proved that more than 1 billion persons in the world have some kind of disability. This corresponds to 15% of the world’s total population and between 110-190 million people have very significant difficulties in functioning. Torchit, a Social Tech Venture Started its journey in 2017 has taken up a mission to provide the Differently Abled community with the “Power of Independence” and with the motto of “By the Differently Abled & For the Differently Abled” as the number of these communities are increasing year-by-year. The team believes in creating empathy not sympathy towards these communities, so they manufacture effective yet affordable solutions for easy accessibility and providing them a platform to thrive.


The idea also originated by observing the physical, mental, financial and social problems faced by these communities in their day-to-day lifestyle and due to these problems they have to be dependent on others thereby causing a lack of confidence, motivation and eventually leading them to stay unemployed. Torch It started its journey by manufacturing and launching the very first product named “Saarthi”- an assistive mobility device that helps to detect obstacles on different ranges for the visually impaired communities and in addition to this other devices were also manufactured and launched for different disabilities like”, “Smart Eye Glasses”, “e- braille”, “Handicare- Assistive mobility aid for people with lower limb disability”, “Smart gloves for the deaf”, “Smart Crutches”.  These devices have not only made their life easy but they have also helped them to gain their confidence back and also helped them to communicate, express themselves and contribute towards the nation.



Saarthi, being a hand- held device has become one of the most sold products of Torch It. It can be used to maneuver around obstacles they encounter in their surroundings on a day-to-day basis. The mission aims to empower the Visually Impaired, this device has been made highly accurate and quite economical with respect to the price, ensuring that most people will derive its benefits without spending too much. Ideated as something that comes to the rescue of millions of visually challenged people across the world, and that can change the mindset of normal people towards persons with visual impairment, Saarthi is the first innovative product that helps the visually impaired to sense their surroundings and navigate their way through life. An effective & affordable assistive device for the visually impaired to walk in any kind of setup with comfort & independence making their life easy and feeling confident about themselves.


It comes with highly attached sensors in order to perceive obstacles and provide feedback in the form of a buzzing sound and vibrating sensations. Till 2021, Torch It has impacted 50,000+ lives and has turned out to be a source of inspiration for the Visually Impaired to live their lives with confidence, pride and independently.

A disabled person usually feels embarrassment while interacting with normal people and they are unable to express their feelings as well, their self-confidence falls to tremendous depths when they are unable to analyze their own surroundings. Torch It with the help of Saarthi has not only helped in gaining the confidence back but it has also helped to communicate, express their feelings and make life more convenient. When using Saarthi the number of collisions will reduce drastically and over the period of time the user will feel more confident and will explore the surroundings more. This will have a major impact largely because the user will come out of the confinement and take steps towards the path of progress.

With the help of these effective and affordable solutions, concerns like employment and education will be solved, Saarthi has turned out to be an inspiration for disabled community. Mobility and Navigation is a matter of concern for these communities and majorly visually impaired people use conventional canes but they aren’t sufficient in providing the correct surrounding information which thereby leads to difficulty in the mobility and they misguide them resulting in accidents in solution to this Saarthi can be attached to any conventional canes that has made life much easier for these communities and they are inspiring more lives through this.


Torch It, in its upcoming 5 years aims to reach 100 million PwD(People with Disability) community through their assistive devices and empower the community and build sustainability in their lives. The team has come so far in this social tech venture that now it has become unstoppable for them to reach out to more communities and make them independent, empowered and sustainable and till 2021, the innovations and their efforts for the community have proven out to be very successful and now their potential customers have become the inspiration for others as well and the dream is to follow this path and to reach 100 Million and to change the mindset of normal people towards this community and join in the mission to empower them and make them independent in all aspects.


These assistive aids are the solutions to many problems and difficulties in the lives of these communities like it will help them to establish their confidence, motivation. This will make them employed- financially, mentally, physically stable and will be accepted by the society and treated equally. Somewhere it is a special message to all the normal people to accept their flaws, enlighten them, support them because they are not different, they are just born differently which is not by choice and it is the duty of every individual to bring equality in all aspects.