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Welcome May and the office at TorchIt was in mayhem, as one after the other events kept coming up. Right from pre-preparations to managing the post-event buzz, it was a power-packed month. Despite all the last-minute rushes and chaos, these were definitely one of the most rewarding 31 days in the history of TorchIt! 1. We distributed about 2,000 Saarthi devices to the visually impaired persons...

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Gaganbhai receiving Saarthi for the first time at PDPU Gujarat CSR event

Gaganbhai: A visually impaired who gave vision to thousands of children. We take so many things for granted, especially our abled bodies. But meet Gaganbhai Mehta, retired college professor, Ahmedabad and you’ll realize how privileged you are! Gaganbhai was born blind because of retinitis pigmentosa - an eye disease that damages the retina.   But giving up was never an option. From early on in his life, Gaganbhai...

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bhavik bhai using Saarthi on road

Imagine that you are surrounded by a thick fog. You cannot see anything, in any direction, not even your hand right in front of you. Now imagine that you need to navigate your way through this fog, with nothing but the sense of touch to guide you. You’ve no idea what kind of obstacles you might face, what lies ahead of you. Imagine living like...

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