The TorchIt Dream

Our dream is to enable & empower the visually impaired community across the world through smart-technology devices.
Our mantra – Using Technology that puts People First!
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Saarthi - Assistive Aid Designed To Optimize Mobility For Visually Impaired.
Make in India and blind person both are coming together with the help of Saarthi
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Obstacle Detection

The device offers 99.7% accuracy in obstacle detection and 98.2% precision in angle accuracy

3 Different Navigation Ranges

Saarthi offers 3 different ranges for the user to toggle between – 2 feet (indoors), 4 feet (outdoors) and upto 8 feet (open areas). The accuracy of the device is maintained across all ranges and the user can easily toggle between different ranges depending upon his surroundings with the help of the instructions in braille on the device

Ergonomic Design with Battery Efficiency

The device has been ergonomically designed integrating user feedback from more than 1,200 blind persons making it higly comfortable during prolonged usage. The battery is rechargeable by any micro USB charger and one charge lasts for more than 30 days with daily usage. It has a battery back-up of 7 days

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Mountable on Any White Cane

The white cane is almost like an ‘extended arm’ to many blind people and it is difficult for them to get used to any new device that is not compatible with it. Saarthi has an adjustable screw that allows it to be mounted on any white cane


Most of the visually challenged people cannot afford assistive devices. Saarthi has been designed to bring about maximum impact in the lives of maximum number of people at low cost and high efficiency

Simple to Learn & Operate

Simplicity and effectiveness are at the core of Saarthi’s design. While the device-usage training takes about 10 minutes, its adoption in day to day life differs from user to user

Truly Designed and Developed by the Blind and for the Blind.

Easy Navigation. Anywhere. Anyway. Anytime.

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An assistive communication aid for hearing-impaired friends.

Product Design

Unique and ergonomically designed in such a way, so that person can use the device for a long time with ease. Its detachable feature makes it easy to wash smart electronic device.


Since it’s a wearable device that make it highly portable and hassle- free device among all the available AAC (Augmented and Alternative Communication) devices.

Reachegeble Battery

Battery runs for full 2 days of communication.


VOIS has a Personal Interpreter 24*7 which will help them in communicating with other normal people. Only product which aids in both hearing and speaking.

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An assistive mobility aid for lower limb disability.

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Handicare enables the user to become self-dependent to move freely anywhere and everywhere without anyone guidance or assistance of others.

Maintains user hygiene and comfort

Person using handicare does not require to drag their hands on the floor and thereby it provides hygiene to them and prevents their hands to get cracked.

Provides sense of dignity

A person using Handicare never feels that he/she is using an assistive device, but they feel as if it is a toy and thus many physically challenged.


It is so handy that it can be carried anywhere even when in a journey which becomes difficult in case of normal wheelchair.

Accreditation From The National Association Of Blind And Blind People Association

We have so far touched the lives of over 5,000+ visually impaired persons across India and want to connect with more. We want to reach out to the global community as well and share our innovation.

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Donate For A Cause

TorchIt “Donate for a Cause” program allows individuals and organizations to support blind/visually impaired users by sponsoring a product for empowering the user with the Power of Independence to make their lives more comfortable and happier.

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