The TorchIt Dream

Our dream is to enable & empower the visually impaired community across the world through smart-technology devices.
Our mantra – Using Technology that puts People First!
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Torchit as a social venture is dedicated towards the upliftment and empowerment of the visually impaired population.

TorchIt develops AI & ML based assistive mobility tech products to help individuals with visual impairment to navigate with ease.

Support visually impaired people through the “Donate for a Cause” program and share the Power of Independence.

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About TorchIt

TorchIt is a social start-up working towards enabling & empowering the blind/visually impaired community across the world. They have designed & developed the products like Saarthi & Jyoti, which are AI & ML-based assistive mobility tech products that help the blind users to navigate in any geographical setup with great accuracy in obstacle detection and ease of use.

About Us
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A Startup with a cause, User Testimonials

Innovation to envision the Society


Accurate Navigation & Obstacle Detection

Amazing device accuracy and range selection

The device offers 99.7% accuracy in obstacle detection and navigation support so that the blind users can easily and comfortably use it in any setup without fear of bumping into obstacles and facing severe injuries.


Simplistic and Easy to Operate

Designed and developed to be affordable with optimum results

Most people witness blindness in the later part of their lives and TorchIt had designed its devices to be simplistic and as effective as possible for them. Our core design is based on the feedback received from real end-users to make it 'for the Blind - to the Blind'.


Quality Support

360 degree support system

The device provides real-time support in cases of external support sought, they can just make an audio or video call to take support from any person across the entire world. SOS button for emergency support


Strong Battery Backup

Ergonmically Designed with 30 Days Backup

The device has been ergonomically designed integrating for the best Battery Life to ease for Use.

Donate with Visionary Smile !!

Every sponsor counts, Helps us in Making the world an inclusive and independent one, sign up for sponsoring a product to be provided to a User

TorchIt works with many NGOs and CSOs for designing and developing Assistive technology appropriate to the needs of the blind community. Assistive devices designed by TorchIt are used by persons with blindness and helps improving their quality of life in terms of mobility. Assistive technology solutions can range from simple to complex, but with the inputs and insights shared by NGOs and CSOs it has truly helped in enhancing and releasing the final product.


Donate Now

Corporate charity and Corporate Social Responsibility funds help assistive device makers like TorchIt to realize their concepts into a tangible product and can be channelized either directly or through local government bodies under relevant programmes to help develop assistive technologies and enhance current devices. To develop a concept, create a prototype in a lab and then take it to the market, requires a lot of testing and verification to be done, and the entire cycle requires a substantial amount of resources and funding. To sustain such projects CSR funding goes a long way to help the team at TorchIt in partnering with Corporates and Government bodies to in turn help the blind community.


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Who doesn’t love receiving a gift! And a gift that is well-thought-out and truly helps a visually impaired person to be more self reliant amd also assist with easy mobility is nothing less than a blessing. We encourage people to gift these devices to persons with blindness because it gives the person receiving it an assurance that they are cared for. Remember – the best gifts are those that make someone’s life better or easier. We recommend people to contact our team first before selecting a device for gifting.


Gift it Now

With TorchIt’s core focus on developing assistive devices with particular focus on producing more functional, effective and user-friendly methods of assisting people with disabilities every single donation counts. Donations that you make to TorchIt are nothing less than an investment towards study and research in the field of assistive devices to discover new approaches to ensure the best possible support available for persons with disabilities.


Donate for R&D

Give a Vision to someone who need it today !!.

Seeking Support from Organisations

News and Media Coverage

We center around finding better ways to apply innovation and development to make a constructive and enduring impact for individuals and communities by involving them as an integral part of our work. We like to share our goals, progress and performance and also disseminate information related to the latest news from across the globe.
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Video Tutorials

The team at TorchIt provides you with all the information you need to learn about the available technology and discover new ways to use technology to enhance everyday life. To that end, the team has created captioned, audio-described videos that can help the end-users and support people to be able to use the assistive technology to its full potential.
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Contact us if you have any queries about our devices, the technology implemented, designed for and to get the latest updates about our work.
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